Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter to Renewable Energy Businesses and Providers in California

We are GRNNRG.ORG, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to spread Information, education and awareness to all walks of life.

Our "Taking it to the Streets" Campaign is an assertive person to person, school by school, community by community, promotion and awareness campaign that combines a comprehensive Website and Multi Media platform as well as a Mobile Demonstration Exhibit, Road Trip Campaign that brings the everyday and economic benefits of a renewable energy conversion and lifestyle to Rural Schools and Communities.

We are currently preparing a Mobile GRNNRG (Green Energy) Science Demonstration Exhibit. We are converting 18 Wheel Tractor- Trailer rig to run on renewable energy. The tractor and auxiliary generator will operate on bio and other alternate fuels.
Powered by roof top solar panels and a telescoping wind turbines, the Walk Through Exhibit will include practical scale models of the four natural elements, Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydrogen. Each Model will take turns powering utility exhibits such as Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Lighting Effects with an impressive and entertaining Multi Media Presentation.
The Exhibit will travel to rural communities and be offered free to Schools as Assembly Events during the day.

In the evening, the exhibit is offered to community gathering points and social centers and also equipted with alternative fuel and electric cars to display, demonstrate and take sales orders. Hosted by humorous and highly entertaining professional speakers, our presentation will get the attention of our intended audience and make a lasting positive impression to the benefits of a green energy lifestyle.

Beginning in Spring 2011, 36 seasonal, 4 day Road trips are planned for Rural Schools and Communities in California. 12 each in Southern California, (Winter), Central California, (Summer) and Northern California (Spring).

We would like your support in helping us bring this important message to all of California's diverse walks of life. Free of charge, we are supported by grants and donations. Donations come in many forms. We greatly appreciate donations of products, exhibits, and services.
In return we will actively promote your business and spread the awareness and benefits of your business to the citizens in rural California communities, by prominently displaying your Logo or trade mark and contact information in or on our Mobile Demonstration Exhibit and Media presentation.

I would like to speak to you about how we can help one another in this noble cause.

David E. Harshbarger

For more information you can visit our website and Blog at www.GRNNRG.ORG
If your Business would like to advertise on our website, contact us via email, phone or mail at the address below.

David E. Harshbarger
(661) 944-0816 HM/OFF.
Co-founder and Director
30329.N. 104th St. E.
Juniper Hills, CA 93543

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