Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Energy... Renewable Energy... Where do I begin? GRNNRG.ORG!

Green Energy...Renewable Energy...Where do I begin? GRNNRG.ORG!

This is the first question for most people that want to convert to green renewable energy.
The answer is simple...GRNNRG.ORG.

5 Simple steps to begin and end your dependency on fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal)

In your home:
1) Define your conditions.
Is your location in a windy and or sunny location?
Usually a system combining both solar and wind can be the most efficient.
Is geothermal heating and energy practical for you location?

2) Determine your amount of energy needed.
Your current local energy provider can provide your power usage history to determine the amount you need to generate to be energy self sufficient.

3) Contact competent Solar, Wind and Geothermal contractors and suppliers in your area.
A listing of contractors and suppliers in your area are available on the internet or local Yellow pages and our Links page at GRNNRG.ORG

4) Secure financial assistance, credits, tax incentives and rebates.
The State of California and the Federal Government offer substantial tax incentives and credits for green energy conversion. The time to convert to green energy has never been better than now.
Home owner's can finance their conversion for less than their current bill and in many cases eliminate their power bills all together bill in 5-10 years.
New innovated lease agreements are now available for renters and non home owners.

Outside your home:
Cars have always been a pollution culprit. This coming year several major automobile manufacturers have announced that they are offering electric and hydrogen cell cars and trucks. Choose your favorite manufacturer for their alternative fueled models.

For the classic auto enthusiast, gas engine to electric motor conversion is relatively inexpensive, efficient, clean and powerful. They currently have batteries that can accommodate about 100 mile range. As batteries improve and get better the range will increase dramatically.

Our dependence on fossil fuels has started wars, killed innocent workers and citizens, polluted our air, melted our poles and is out to destroyed our environment .

Our "Taking it to the Streets" Campaign is an assertive person to person, school by school, community by community promotion and awareness campaign that combines a comprehensive Website and Multi Media platform as well as a Mobile Demonstration Exhibit, Road Trip Campaign that brings the everyday and economic benefits of a renewable energy conversion and lifestyle to Rural Schools and Communities.

We are currently preparing a Mobile GRNNRG (Green Energy) Science Demonstration Exhibit. We are converting 18 Wheel Tractor- trailer rig to run on renewable energy, as a Mobile Science Demonstration Exhibit. The tractor and auxiliary generator will operate on bio and other alternate fuels.
Powered by roof top solar panels and a telescoping wind turbines, the Walk Through Exhibit will include practical scale models of the four natural elements, Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydrogen. Each model will take turns powering utility exhibits such as interesting Heating, Air-Conditioning, TV and Lighting Effects and an impressive and entertaining Multi Media Presentation.
The Exhibit will travel to rural communities and be offered free to Schools as Assembly Events during the day in the evening offered to community gather points and social centers with alternative energy cars to exhibit and demonstrate Hosted by humorous and highly Entertaining professional speakers , our presentation will get the attention and make a positive impression of the benefits of a green energy lifestyle.

Beginning in Spring 2011, 36 seasonal, 4 day Road trips are planned for Rural Schools and Communities in California. 12 each in Southern California, (Winter), Central California, (Summer) and Northern California (Spring).

We would like your support in helping us bring this important message to all of California's diverse walks of life. Free of charge, we are supported by grants and donations. Donations come in many forms. We greatly appreciate donations of products, exhibits, and services.
In return we will spread the awareness of your business or organization to the citizens in rural communities that need our help the most, by prominently displaying your Logo or trade mark and contact information in or on our Mobile Demonstration Exhibit and Media presentation.

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