Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog#1 Welcome and Windmills

Salutations and Welcome,

We have finally arrived.
We are here to try and make sense of the Green Energy world. We will collect the latest research on renewable energy innovations and bring it to you in layman's terms.
We will encourage unconventional experimentation and 'outside of the box' concepts.
We will also focus on green solutions that touch our everyday lives, from composting kitchen waste to commuting. We will also tackle controversy in the green energy industry.

Small Wind Turbines.
Our first subject of opinion is the efficiency of multi blade (12-18) American Windmill design, normally used to pump water. Very little is mentioned in the conventional literature on wind power except 'don't do it'
Than I ran across a NASA labeled report (the full report on our 'conservation page').
I can not endorse it's legitimacy, but it indicates that a multi blade system would be more efficient under lower wind speeds (8-18 mph) than a 2 or 3 blade system.
I have yet to see any testing conclusions to verify the result one way or another.
In some communities the aesthetics on a modern 30' high or higher) wind turbine and the aesthetics of an American Farm Windmill design is more desirable in rural and equestrian communities, where green energy is wanted and very practical.

I am personally retrofitting my modest home with a solar and wind system. I will be seeking the most efficient and frugal system I can find or put together and Blog my progress for your personal information and entertainment. All my successes and failures will be published here. Keep in mind, sometimes more can be learned from failing than succeeding.
Why retro fit NOW? With the federal tax credit and California's incentive rebate, I can't afford not to. My goal is to keep the cost of my system under my current electric bill and have it paid off in 5 years.

Contact Us.
We are interested in what you have to say. If you have information on the multi blade fan controversy or other green energy subjects, please e-mail us at
We are a registered Non-Profit organization and rely on your donations and contributions.

If you are in the renewable energy business and want to provide green energy for others, we can help others become aware of your products and services.

We aren't professional experts, but we know a lot of people who are.
We can provide common sense answers to fundamental questions.

Most Sincerely,

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